Insight Academy Primary

(Basic 1 - 6)


Insight Academy Primary School is sectioned into two, which are; lower Basic 1-3 and Upper Basic 4- 6 for children from 5 years and above

The primary school runs the international primary curriculum (IPC) which is child-centred and teacher friendly and mostly used by the best primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria. Your child will learn how to develop a deep understanding of subjects such as Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, ICT & Computing, Technology, History, French, Local Language, National values, Religion, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Art and Society. The personal learning goals of the IPC will equip your child with the essential 21st-century skills, comprising communication, resilience, adaptability, thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect and morality. In lower Basic 1-3, your child our pupils receive optimum education that enhances their development of core skills in literacy and numeracy. While in Upper Basic 4-6 , our certified teachers expand on the core literacy and numeracy knowledge and teach our pupils how to use the knowledge to solve problems. Your child will also be exposed to the use of Information Communication Technology, in order to equip him or her with hands-on experience on the latest technology. Aside from academics, the way we guide our students towards attaining self-discipline and personal organisation is another significant reason our Elementary School is believed to be one of the best primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria.