Insight Academy Pre-Primary

(Pre – School, Nursery and kindergarten)


Insight Academy Pre- Primary is a foundation school for children from 15months to 5year. The classes in pre-school are;

  • Pre-school
  • Nursery 1
  • Nursery 2
  • kindergarten

Our curriculum is a play-based Early Years Foundation framework mostly used by the best Nursery and kindergarten school in Lagos and Nigeria is fully integrated with our in house developed “TANDWALL APPROACH” which allows children to explore and learn in an environment that is secure and safe yet challenging. Play opportunities are non-stereotypical and available to all children promoting the teaching and learning from a skilled workforce. Our teachers provide activities and make assessments based on the eight areas of learning as the TANDWALL acronym suggests

  • T - Technology
  • A - Arts
  • N - Numeracy
  • D - Development ( Physical, Personal, Social, Emotional & Intelligence)
  • W - World history and Geography
  • A - Assessment
  • L - Language
  • L - Literacy

While all learning is important, we believe the integration of the TANDWALL approach will enable children to be self-motivated learners who are confident to succeed.